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Host a Sensor

We work with 1000s of people who host our sensors. 

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Magnetic Field Sensor
on your property


Time-Tag Sensor
in your home or business

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your customers?

Our customers are electric utilities, independent power producers, large energy companies, and financial institutions.

How many years do you anticipate this device will be useful and remain on the property?

We intend to have the device on the property for at least 5 years but likely as long as the transmission line is in operation. Over time we may maintain or replace the device. The landowner may request the device be removed or moved at any time. There is no long term commitment. We will pay the agreed upon annual fee until either party wishes to terminate the agreement.

What do your customers do with the data you provide them?

They use our data to understand the supply and demand balance on the grid. Additionally, they use it to understand how that balance may affect the price of power. From this they are able to buy and sell or hedge their risks in the market.

Who will remove the device at the end of it’s life?

A Live Power field technician will remove, maintain or replace the device.