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Real-time Power Grid Monitoring for Commodity Traders

Live Power collects data from its own proprietary sensors about the generation and flows of electric power on the high voltage grid.


Data feed covering 105 power plants & 223 transmission lines in PJM including many sites only available from Live Power.


Data feed covering 54 power plants & 124 transmission lines in ERCOT including critical assets like WA Parish, TH Wharton and numerous renewable projects.


Data feed covering 35 power plants & 51 transmission lines in MISO and growing coverage every week. MISO package includes 22 PJM plants along the MISO/PJM seam and complete coverage of the ComEd zone.

Live Power By the Numbers


Transmission Lines


Power Plants Monitored

230 GW

Generation Capacity Monitored


Proprietary Sensors


We offer competitive pricing by region and number of users.


Excellent coverage in congested areas.


for 1 user
billed annually


Unique generating asset coverage in urban areas as well as renewables 


for 1 user
billed annually


Growing coverage of renewable and fossil-fired assets throughout MISO


for 1 user
billed annually

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Live Power Select Facilities to Monitor?

Customers told us to do it.  In nearly every customer interaction we ask for a wish list of plants or transmission lines and we keep track of every request. We tally the requests and update those customers regarding our progress over time.

Beyond customer input, we have a few thoughts of our own that drive our product strategy.
Mid-merit plants that set marginal cost or price for many hours of the year.
Peaking plants that are strong indicators of real-time price when they startup.
Plants in load pockets that alleviate congestion.
Transmission lines that bind for many hours per year. 

How Long Does It Take You to Deliver Data on a Requested Facility?

It depends. These are the questions we work to figure out feasibility.
How complex is the grid where that facility connects?
Is there one radial line to a wind farm or is it a plant with multiple switch yards and 8 or more transmission lines?
Are the rights of way crowded with many circuits with different endpoints?
What is the land use like near the transmission lines? Rural, urban, suburban, public lands.
Is there useful and timely control data to check our measurements and estimates? EPA CEMS, NRC, ERCOT State Estimator, or month generation statistics.
Best case is a few days and the worst is a year.
Typically we are between 1 to 3 months.

How Accurate is Your Data?

In general we are within 10% of our control data set.  However our accuracy often improves over time as we fine tune our calibration and sensor deployments.  At some sites our accuracy is within 1%.